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"We don't just help new online entrepreneurs build and Extraordinary laptop lifestyle business, we help you build Extraordinary faith, because it's your Extraordinary faith that will build your Extraordinary business." - Chris White, Founder, Extraordinary Society

Your birthright, your calling, and your duty is to be Extraordinary!

Here's the great news. You already are Extraordinary, whether you choose to believe it or not. You were uniquely designed this way by the creator. At the least be hopeful in this reality. When you choose to bring hope we will choose to bring the inspiration, the practical guidance, and the proven wisdom that will empower you to share your Extraordinary with the world.

Ultimately, our goal here is to help you live an Extraordinary life as a work from home laptop lifestyle Entrepreneur that allows you to make a difference and a fortune at the same time. This mission is our unique calling as a company.

It would be our great honor to have your trust. We promise not to take it for granted. We will do everything in our power to honor you and your Extraordinary by sharing our greatest work. This will be our thanks for the trust you choose to place here with us inside of The Extraordinary Society. Your time is now!


Chris ​
Founders, The Extraordinary Society

PS. We love you. Not in a weird way. :)

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Thanks for all you do. Your training is truly changing my mindset. Somehow I lost my way in being happy. I have been tired of the work grind for years and truly thought I was stuck in this life. I now believe (with daily affirmations) that I can do anything I want. Does it take time? Sure but now I believe I control my future and I will succeed in my business and will help others along the way. Thanks for helping me find my way.

Don A., North Carolina

Hi Chris. I’ve listened to every training. The fact you offer advice every day is big for me. It helps me stay motivated. I’ve learned a number of things. I now have a clear vision and goals. I’m working on my emotional intelligence and I’m staying positive. I’m in the process of changing my habits. I have researched many different trainers and marketing people and this by far offers a lot more value than others. Thanks!

Adam W., Australia


Extraordinary Society

Extraordinary Society is "The Place" that empowers first time online entrepreneurs to 
break free into the adventure they were uniquely designed to live.

We've designed a unique approach that gives normal people the ability to create their own personal online economy without all the stress and strain
of having to figure it out on your own as you wonder who to trust. Our 90% done-for-you system combined with world class support from our
team of 7-figure producers creates an opportunity to fire your boss and live what we call "the laptop lifestyle. That's Extraordinary Society
in a nutshell. And that's what makes it so irresistibly awesome!

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