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About one year ago I dropped everything I was doing cold turkey because of a phone call I had with Chris White. After a workshop it was with Chris’s guidance that I was completely able to change the direction of my life. It helped me start building an online skill set that would set me up for decades to come. Inspired by Chris I was able to create five figure earnings in my first 30 days.

JO CLARK  //  Online Entrepreneur

Our Unique Approach Is Our Centers of Gravity™

3M Money Method

*The Centers of Gravity 3M Money Method Places Laser Focus On Mindset Surgery, 
Marketing Strategy, and Marketing Systems With ONE Clear Path of Implementation
Based On Where You Fall Into Our Three Levels of Skill Development.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying
About Chris Ollin White

Chris White is an exceptionally gifted leader.

Those he has led are deeply devoted to him and would follow him anywhere. His winsome personality, ability to create an environment of trust, mentoring abilities, self sacrificing relational style and commitment to give respect and value to each individual he leads is exceptional and refreshing in a self centered, power hungry leadership culture.

If you need a man that is a visionary leader, who can contagiously cast vision and draws those he leads into that vision he is second to none. He is strategic, a passionate communicator, a critical thinker, a bold decision maker, globally experienced, able to adapt to each situation, a team player and a man of deep character.

Stack him up against other leaders and they will pale in what he will bring to your team.  It has been an honor to partner with him and I consider myself a better man and leader of others because of his life.

If you are not part of Extraordinary Society  you are not only missing out on an incredible life experience, but also the opportunity to work with a man who will empower you to grow beyond levels of personal achievement that you simply could never achieve on your own. 

John Hatfield, Founder, Brave Man Society

About The Founder: I’m Chris White and this is my 7 word bio: Agent of Hope. Determined Outlook. Ollin Ethos. I’m best known for helping people get out of their own way so they can get sh*t done. I take great joy in exposing the guarded backroom secrets of the marketing elite to help people like you win and WIN BIG! I’m uniquely qualified for this role having worked with over 21 multi-million dollar producers. Get more of the scoop here.


Extraordinary Society

Extraordinary Society is "The Place" that empowers first time online entrepreneurs to 
break free into the adventure they were uniquely designed to live.

We've designed a unique approach that gives normal people the ability to create their own personal online economy without all the stress and strain
of having to figure it out on your own as you wonder who to trust. Our 90% done-for-you system combined with world class support from our
team of 7-figure producers creates an opportunity to fire your boss and live what we call "the laptop lifestyle. That's Extraordinary Society
in a nutshell. And that's what makes it so irresistibly awesome!

Start Today! Live Your Adventure. Pursue Your Calling. Rescue Your Dream.

Contact us: chris@extraordinarysociety.com

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